OnCue Rewards

OnCue Rewards Customer Service 405-564-7599

Currently available at our Bartlesville, Cleveland, and Grove locations.

How does the OnCue Rewards program work? 

  • Ask a cashier for your card today.
  • Register your card below for added benefits. 
  • Buy specially marked products, earn cents off per gallon.
  • Use card at pump to rollback the price for up to 15 gallons. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:    Will my OnCue rewards be good for any grade of gas?

A:    Yes, you can choose any grade, even diesel.


Q:    Can I use my OnCue rewards at any gas station?

A:    No, OnCue rewards can only be redeemed at the participating gas stations.


Q:    Can I use my card as a credit card?

A:    No, this program is not an offer for credit; it’s simply a great way for us to reward customers for their purchases.


Q:    Can I use manufacturer’s coupons on items that are tagged with OnCue rewards?

A:    Yes, OnCue rewards will not replace coupons.  Manufacturer’s coupons are always welcome.


Q:    Do I need to fill out any forms to receive my OnCue rewards card?

A:    No, but you can fill out the form below in order to use your phone number for the rewards. 


Q:    When do my OnCue rewards expire?

A:    Your rewards will expire 90 days after the purchase date.


Q:    Can I fill a tanker trailer?

A:    No, rewards apply to a maximum of 15 gallons-per-filling.

Register your card:


By registering your card, your phone number will be tied to the card for extra convenience at the pump or at the register.

Card History: