December 17, 2019

The wrist bands launched in OnCue stores in October. They can be purchased individually for $7.99 or as a four-pack for $25.

OnCue Express Stores President Laura Aufleger said it was the company’s Vice President of Operations Tommy Schreffler who first heard about WristWorld. He saw the group speak at a Leadership Oklahoma event.

“He came back and said, ‘This is the coolest thing. I don’t know what we can do with them. But this is really neat,’” said Aufleger.

She later saw a presentation about the product at TedXOU event in September. Fortunately, OnCue was able to work with WristWorld to get the product in its stores. They’ve even expanded the store count, with more than 40 locations now offering the bands.

“It’s been amazing,” she said. “We’ve sold out in some places.”

She said OnCue looks for a gift item every year. With the bands being made by young entrepreneurs and having an approachable price point, the company thought it was a win-win.

Strother said he saw in person just how fast the product had sold. A few days after the launch event, he went to the OnCue by his house and noticed there weren’t any on the shelves. He asked about it and the store had already sold all theirs.

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