OnCue Raises $10,000 for Allied Arts

August 1, 2019

In a creative partnership between Allied Arts and OnCue, arts-themed cups were sold at OnCue stores across the state raising $10,000 for the nonprofit! 

The 50 cents donated from each cup purchase will assist Allied Arts’ mission to broaden support for the arts by raising financial support for cultural organizations, advocating for arts education and promoting excellence in the arts.

Allied Arts president and CEO Deborah McAuliffe Senner commented, “we are ecstatic to be in our second year of the “Fueling the Arts” partnership with OnCue! This effort is a unique way to build additional support and awareness for the arts. Those cup purchases add up and can truly make a difference in reaching underserved communities, funding arts education or in reaching rural areas with little or no access to the arts. We applaud OnCue for its commitment to the arts.”

While 50 cents may seem insignificant, the funds play a larger role in Allied Arts’ work to help more than 40 local nonprofit arts organizations annually.