Laura Aufleger Selected as Journal Record Achievers Under 40 Honoree

September 1, 2020

Honored in the 17th class of the Journal Record's Achievers Under 40 is OnCue's President, Laura Aufleger.

A total of 45 leaders were chosen from across the state.

“Young leaders in Oklahoma set the pace of progress in our state,” said Russell Ray, editor of The Journal Record. “Many of these honorees will undoubtedly be the chief architects of change in our state.”

Laura has been with OnCue for over 14 years. The company has experienced a rate of astounding growth of over 50 percent since 2014, which would not have been possible without Laura's expertise.

"When I was little I had my own convenience store at home with my fisher-price cash register," said Laura when asked why she chose her career field. "Fast forward to age 15 through when I graduated from the University of Oklahoma, and I once again found myself in front of a cash register. This time at a real store of our family’s convenience stores. This experience laid the groundwork for where I am now."

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