Electric Vehicles in the Land of CNG

September 21, 2016

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Natural gas is synonymous with the state of Oklahoma, which ranks among the top five producing states in the country. For OnCue Express, it also has been a key differentiator. The Stillwater, Okla.-based c-store chain sells compressed natural gas (CNG) at 20 sites, making it one of the leaders in the business.

Low gasoline prices have put some pressure on that business; Oklahoma has frequently boasted one of the lowest state retail averages in 2016. And with two more CNG sites set for 2016, OnCue Express has approached the saturation point in the Oklahoma City market.

But it hasn’t blunted the chain’s appetite for testing new fuels. Case in point: the electric-vehicle (EV) chargers OnCue is installing at two of its newest stores.

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