Customer Appreciation Letter

December 22, 2016

I love having an OnCue so close to my house!

The customer service is always phenomenal! There is always at least one person that greets you and makes sure you are taken care of. I am a night person and I like to know that I will be safe while I get a drink, snack, or gas. This location is very well lit throughout the parking lot and gas pumps. The pumps are fully covered, which is wonderful when it's raining.

OnCue has a huge selection of snacks, slushies, F'reals, Nachos and Roller Grill, any coffee you could need, last minute home supplies or groceries, and even a frozen yogurt bar! This location does have lottery tickets readily available if you're into that kind of thing.

They do have 100% gas as well as 10%, E-85, CNG, and Diesel. OnCue does have better prices on gas then other competitors.

Every employee always seems busy and the location is very clean. They have a strict no loitering policy--if anyone harasses you for money etc., they will immediately take care of the issue.

I love this store! Great job!

—Melissa B.