Cimarron Travel Center’s Welcoming Atmosphere Attracts Guests

July 11, 2017

By Darren Schulte Friday, June 30, 2017
Cimarron Travel Center in Billings, Oklahoma, is a welcoming location, and its guests aren’t shy about sharing how much they love the stop. I’ve never seen more people submit pictures on the Google Maps site. Guests are especially excited about the location’s dog park and leave comments letting everyone know how great it is.

“A must stop if you are traveling with dogs,” one reviewer wrote. “A nice off-the-leash park to let your dogs run off some energy. While you can sit at the shaded picnic tables and relax.”

Another said, “It's so hard to find truckstops with a decent dog area. This place not only supplies a dog area, but it's kept clean. They have two separate areas (for large and small dogs). Each area has an obstacle course and a water pump.”

The location, which is a part of On-Que Express Group, does a great job with its messaging letting customers know the dog park is available.

Reviewers also comment on the location’s clean restrooms—one wrote, “Bathrooms clean enough for my wife to use—as well as the nice mix of products within the store, which is large and easy to shop. They do a good job merchandising and feature unique products, including big purse business and a fun gift and novelty offering.

The location also offers a Dairy Queen and Subway. They have free ATM charges, which provides a value-add for customers who stop. Cimarron Travel Center is branded Phillips 66 and has very unique fuel operations. It offers compressed natural gas, diesel fuel, premium diesel and bulk diesel exhaust fluid.

The location is laid out well and makes it easy for customers to get in and out. One reviewer sums up the stop perfectly: “Super clean, easy in out with our motorhome plus a great little dog park,” he wrote.

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