2021 Future Leaders in Convenience

November 15, 2021

• Viot has played multiple roles in OnCue’s growth throughout his 11 years with the company. As general manager of OnCue’s first Texas convenience store, he oversees every aspect of the store’s operation, often acting as on-site supervisor, maintenance, crisis manager, human resources, and merchandiser.

• He started as a clerk on the night shift in Oklahoma City and was managing a store within two years. During his tenure, he’s managed six OnCue stores and
opened four new stores, including the first to feature OnCue’s fresh food concept, The Grill.

• In addition to leading OnCue’s new Houston location, Viot also spearheaded the c-store operator’s partnership with National Safe Place and the local partner organization in Houston, enabling his store to be a pivotal location and resource for youth in need.

Source: https://csnews.com/Future-Leaders-in-Convenience-2021