Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Compressed Natural Gas, or CNG, is a growing fuel on American roads for several reasons. 

CNG is American. Nearly 100% of the gas used for CNG is produced right here in America. In fact, Oklahoma is one of the largest suppliers of natural gas in the United States, so using natural gas puts Oklahomans to work and helps reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil.

CNG is abundant. It is currently estimated that more than 200 years of natural gas reserves are available, right here in the United States. Utilizing new and constantly improving recovery techniques has vastly improved our ability to produce natural gas over the last decade, stabilizing prices at historically low levels while ensuring that America has plenty of cost-effective energy for centuries to come.

CNG is inexpensive. Natural gas is so abundant in the United States that even with significantly increasing use among fleets and power generation, the cost of the fuel itself will remain stable for decades or even longer.  If you want to know how much your fleet’s fuel cost will be for the next 10-20 years (instead of the next 10-20 days with traditional fuels), consider switching your fleet to CNG.

In Oklahoma, tax incentives are in place to help reduce nearly half of the cost of converting your vehicle (or entire fleet) to CNG. Learn more about tax incentives on the Clean Cities website:  http://www.okcleancities.org/state-tax-incentives

OnCue is committed to improving CNG infrastructure where we operate. OnCue has 20 locations fueling CNG, with additional sites under construction. Oklahoma has over 100 CNG fueling locations (inclusive of OnCue and its peers), making Oklahoma the number one state, per capita, in CNG fueling infrastructure availability. 

To learn more, you can visit the United States Department of Energy’s CNG website.

To find CNG locations nationwide, consider downloading the AFDC Fuel Finder​ App.