OnCue Mobile App: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the OnCue app?
The OnCue app is available to download for free in the App Store and Google Play on your existing mobile device.  

Why do I need to create a new account?
Create an account in order to access additional features, such as favoriting locations, receiving notifications, accessing exclusive offers, entering giveaways and more.  

How do I create an account?
Upon launching your app, tap the 'Menu' at the bottom navigation menu. Select "Login/Register" to create an account. Alternatively, from the main screen you can select 'Rewards' in the bottom navigation menu. From there, tap "Sign in," then, input your existing OnCue Rewards with Kickback Point card number and 4-digital PIN code, or verify you rewards account with SMS. If you have not yet registered your rewards card, simply select the “Rewards” tab and then the “Register My Card” button, which will also create an account in the app.  

What happens if I forget my username, password, or rewards card PIN number?
If you are using your Kickback card for your account in the app and do not remember the 4-digit PIN number you chose when creating the rewards account, please call 1-888-339-7064, and Kickback can assist in retrieving your PIN number. You can also select “Trouble logging in” from the Rewards Sign In screen to view KickBack’s FAQs.  

If you would like to create an OnCue App account without a KickBack card, please click Verify with SMS. You will receive a text message with a 4-digit code to enter. Once completed, you’ll be ready to use the OnCue App!  
How do I redeem coupons?
To redeem a coupon that is not through OnCue Rewards but is instead accessible on the app "Home" tab, select the banner for the coupon you want to redeem. Once you are at ready for purchase at an OnCue store register, tap "Redeem Coupon." Make sure you are ready to use the coupon when you select the option to "Redeem Coupon,” as there is a countdown timer of 15 minutes. If the coupon is for one-time use, it will disappear from your app once the timer concludes.  

Do the coupons on the "Home" page ever expire?
Yes. Your coupon expires at 11:59pm on the expiration date listed on the coupon. Please be mindful that expiration dates will vary.  

Coupons also have a countdown timer of 15 minutes when you select to redeem the coupon in the app. Make sure you are ready to use the coupon when you select the option to redeem. If the coupon is for one-time use, it will disappear from your app once the timer concludes.  
Coupons may also expire due to the quantity available. Specific offers in the OnCue app have a countdown of the number of coupons remaining, and the coupon will be removed from the app once the quantity limit is reached. 

Can I use multiple coupons during one purchase?
Yes, if the coupon in the app is not designated as “One Time Use Only,” you can redeem the same coupon multiple times during one purchase. You may not, however, use two different coupons for the same product in one purchase. Unless otherwise required by law, none of your coupons can be redeemed for cash.  

How do I transfer my account info if I get a new phone?
Download the OnCue mobile app from either the Google Play or Apple App Store and sign into the app using your OnCue Rewards with Kickback Points card information or verify your account via SMS. Your favorites will be displayed in the app on the new device upon sign-in.  


How do I earn rewards?  
If you don't already have an OnCue Rewards with Kickback Points card, simply ask the cashier for one during your next visit. Register your card on the OnCue app by clicking the “Rewards” tab and then the “Register My Card” button. On your next visit, you can have the cashier scan the rewards barcode in the app to earn rewards toward your purchases in place of the physical rewards card.
Learn more about OnCue Rewards with Kickback Points.

What happens once I want to use my points?
We can't currently use the mobile app to redeem rewards points. When you select the "Rewards" tab on the bottom navigation menu, you can scan the barcode to collect points and redeem club programs and product offers, but only a physical OnCue Rewards with Kickback Points card can be used to redeem points.  


How do I locate an OnCue near me?
With location services on: from the main screen, in the bottom navigation menu select 'Store.' You will see the nearest locations populate on the map and in the list view. With location services off or on, you can search for stores in other locations by entering text (city, state, zip) in the search box on the store location screen.  

Why can't I view gas prices?
We do not currently display gas prices in the app.  

How do I add/delete favorite locations?
To add favorite locations: tap the heart icon anywhere it appears next to a store location in the "Stores" tab. Selecting the heart will add it as a favorite. Deselecting the heart will remove it as a favorite.  

How do I turn off the push notifications?
iPhone: Go to the device 'Manage Settings' and turn off 'Push Notifications' for OnCue Stores app.
Android: Go to 'Settings' and move the 'Push Notifications' toggle to the left.  

Why does someone else have more coupons than I do?
For a more relevant, personalized experience, offers are curated based on criteria such as customer location, market, preferences or app activity. Additionally, in order to utilize all available coupons, a user must have created an account within the app and be signed in or be a part of OnCue Rewards with Kickback Point.  

Why won't some of my coupons redeem in my mobile app?
The app may need to be updated through Google Play or Apple App Store.  


How do I order from The Grill?
From the main screen, scroll to find a banner posting for The Grill online order. Select the banner and you will be taken to an external website to place an online order from The Grill.  

What are The Grill hours?
The Grill is open from Monday through Sunday 6 a.m. to 10p.m.  

Why can't I order food from any store?
Only select locations feature The Grill.  

I have additional questions about the mobile app, how can I get them answered?
You can select "Menu" at the bottom navigation menu. Then, tap "Feedback" to select from the options presented to get answers or submit feedback. 


BYBE Alcohol Rebates:

To participate, download the OnCue app, add your rewards card, and create a BYBE account in the OnCue app, which will be used to verify your age. Select the offers you want to redeem in the OnCue app. Ask the cashier to scan your rewards card in the app during your purchase of the selected item. You will receive the rebate value direct to your PayPal in 72 hours.