OnCue Rewards Card


How does the Fuel Rewards program work? . . . It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  • Fill out an application form and receive your free card!
  • Shopping at OnCue, purchase products marked with OnCue Reward savings, and the rewards will automatically be compiled and credited to your card at checkout.
  • Insert your card in the credit card slot at the pump.  Your fuel price is automatically reduced according to the accumulated rewards attached to your card. If you wish to pay inside, simply present your card to the cashier.     


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:    Will my fuel rewards be good for any grade of gas?

A:    Yes, you can choose any grade, even diesel.


Q:    Can I use my fuel rewards at any gas station?

A:    No, fuel rewards can only be redeemed at the participating gas station.


Q:    Can I use my card as a credit card?

A:    No, this program is not an offer for credit; it’s simply a great way for us to reward customers for their purchases.


Q:    Can I use manufacturer’s coupons on items that are tagged with fuel rewards?

A:    Yes, fuel rewards will not replace coupons.  Manufacturer’s coupons are always welcome.


Q:    Do I need to fill out any forms to receive my fuel rewards card?

A:      Yes, the only information required is your name, address and phone number. Thisinformation will identify you if your card is ever lost or stolen.


Q:    When do my fuel rewards expire?

A:    Your rewards will expire 30 days after the purchase date.


Q:    Can I fill a tanker trailer?

A:    No, rewards apply to a maximum of 15 gallons-per-filling.