Low gas prices leads company to push for innovation

By ADAM WILMOTH The Oklahoman

Not everyone is excited about low gasoline prices.

With a gallon of fuel discounted more than $1 from a year ago, demand for compressed natural gas and other alternatives has tumbled. With lower gasoline prices, the savings from using CNG shrinks, making it harder to justify the premium paid to convert a vehicle to run on natural gas, The Oklahoman reported.

"With gasoline at $2.10, it's hard to make an ROI (return on investment) make sense," said Justin Steckman, owner and president of Heartland Energy Conversions.

Despite lower demand today, Steckman said he expects the industry to pick up again soon.

"It's fool's gold. It's not going to last," he said of low gasoline prices. "If you're a fleet director or anyone who needs to budget fuel costs, you can't do that with gasoline. It's impossible. It's so volatile. But with natural gas, if you look at it over time, natural gas has been a steady line. There's no fluctuation in it."